Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hopes and Aspirations

My main hope in the future is to gain a good degree, studying ‘BA (hons) Media Students and Visual Cultures, in Cardiff school of Art and Design at UWIC University. With this degree I hope to further my Media experience and pursue a career in the television and film industry. 
Having studied Media Studies at A level in Comprehensive school, I gained an understanding  and insight into Media Studies. I enjoyed every element of A level, particularly the creative side such as coursework, producing magazine covers and DVD covers. This interest made me realize my future career, therefore throughout the summer, I gained experience into this industry, working for the BBC filming 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'. 

The Sarah Jane Adventures is a Children's 'spin off' from Doctor Who, starring 'Elizabeth Sladen', 'Tommy Knight', 'Daniel Anthony', and 'Anjili Mohindra', and guest appearances occasionally from the 'Dr' himself 'Matt Smith'. 
This was a great experience for me, as it gave me an insight into my future 'career'. My role was 'crew' based standing in for one of the principal actresses (soon to be featured). 
I worked with the company for about 6 weeks, Monday- Friday, working 11 hours everyday, traveling to various locations in and around Cardiff. Although the hours were very unsociable and tiring the cast & crew were very friendly which helped when filming in desolate locations in all weathers! I feel lucky to have gained this experience, and think it was an important factor in my decision of 'future career'. 
My hope for the future is to work my way through the industry gaining as much experience in different 'fields' as possible. Hopefully, this experience will then help to gain a job within a media industry. (fingers crossed the BBC).  

Being involved in the television industry for a short time, helped me realize my ambition to further my knowledge of media and pursue a career in the Television industry. <<< here's the link to the new Series 4 SJA teaser trailer.  

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