Friday, 20 January 2012


Hegemony a term coined by Gramsci in 1970. Branston and Stafford 2008, argued that concept from g
Gramsci suggests that power is achieved by dominant groups through successful struggles to persuade the subordinate that arrangements are in their interest. (Branston & Stafford 2008; 541).

"Hegemony contributes to or constitutes a form of social cohesion not through force or coercion, not necessarily through consent, but most effectively by way of practices, techniques and methods which infiltrate minds and bodies, cultural practices which cultivate behaviours and beliefs, tastes and desires, and needs as seemingly naturally occurring qualities and properties embodies in the psychic and physical reality ( 'or truth') of the human subject".

(Smart, B (2004) Michael Foucault, London; Routledge)

This simply means that Hegemony develops social unity, through practices in the psychic or mind which reflect dominant ideas and beliefs in human subjects.

Branston, G & Stafford R (2008) The Media Students book. London & New York. Routledge