Thursday, 30 September 2010

My first week at UWIC

( this is one of my text and city photo's)

My first classroom assessment was to watch the Film ‘American Dreamz’ and answer the questions set. This task was quite simple and effective as it allowed me to recap over all the Media terms learnt at A level. 
We then had to email our finished assignment to our lecturer using our UWIC email address on Outlook. << this was harder than it looked!! Also we had to print off our handbook's for each lecture, which could be found on 'Blackboard', this system i found particularly hard to master.
 Enrolment took place on Thursday, which allowed us to have Student Passes for campus, an email address and student usernames, which allowed us on the outlook and blackboard. However... these usernames weren't effective immediately, so we had to wait to access blackboard and outlook. 
  As i'm traveling to uni from home (Chepstow), i thought it was important to make a good impression and not turn up late, therefore on Monday 27th i left my house at 7.30, and not arriving to uni until 8.45, for a lecture at 9. This long journey was a result of the Ryder Cup traffic, which started on the same day! BRILLIANT.. :S. The rest of the week was much the same, a long time stuck in traffic, however the lectures were really good! I enjoyed the physical aspects of the class, watching the films, and analysing, as i feel particularly comfortable in this department. 

Over all, 

The original nerves shared by many new freshers has gone! :) Im enjoying settling down to my course, and making some new mates!