Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thoughts about: Media Studies and Visual Cultures

Media Studies and Visual Cultures:
Being six weeks into the course, Im really enjoying myself at university, in and out of lectures. I took some time to adjust from Sixth form to university as traveling was quite difficult as i’m currently living at home and traveling every day to study. Traveling as i’ve mentioned below on this blog page, was particularly difficult the first week because of the golf tournament (Ryder Cup) in the Celtic Manor, (Newport), therefore traffic was bad, which meant leaving earlier to arrive in time for lectures.
The course consists of three lecturers, Ashley Morgan where we study, being academic, Cath Davies - Introduction to theory and Andrea Williams, Constructing meaning. 
I particularly enjoy Cath’s lectures as I enjoy learning about new theorists and their involvement with media studies. Studying Media Studies at school helped to understand Cath’s lectures and enjoy them a great deal. 
Ashley’s are very helpful, beginning university is a big step and to have help bridging the gap between A level or college and university. Also academic language can be difficult so ashley’s lectures help to develop skills. 
I also enjoy andy’s lectures, having just completed my first assignment I feel confident in understanding semiotics.
I personally like the idea of having assignments during the first couple of weeks, as it allows you more time to plan and structure assignments, so they are to your best ability. 
Overall i’m enjoying every aspect of my course and hope to carry on learning about Media studies. 

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